About Us

      Our History est. 2014

      Our first Battle Oats bar was made through a third party (a middle man if you will) who handled everything from packaging to production. This hand tying caused us issues from the get go and we didn’t have control of what product we ultimately wanted to create and bring to market.

      When the first Battle Oats bar arrived the packaging was awful, and the bar wasn’t as good nutritionally as we’d initially intended it to be. What’s more, the wrapper that goes around the bar was signed off incorrectly, and therefore it didn’t fit the bar properly. The bar had to be compacted more than necessary to fit the wrapper. The result was a dry, hard and quite tasteless Battle Oats. And the wrappers would come undone when you flipped them over to check on the nutritional information.

      Suffice to say repeat sales were terrible, and we were left demoralised.

      What made this situation worse was that the middle man had taken our money pro forma on our next order and spent it funding another job. We never got this money back and he went bankrupt shortly after. So we pulled the product from the market in early 2014, re-designed the wrappers, boxes, website, and most importantly the ingredients and macro nutrient breakdown. We established a direct relationship with a family run bakery and incorporated them into our team to make Battle Oats the best they could be.

      Battle Oats were re-launched 6 months later in September 2014.

      Why didn’t we give up? Good question; and one we never really asked ourselves. We were so confident in the name of the bar, the brand we wanted to create and where we wanted to position Battle Oats in the market that we just knew the obstacle was the way. Once we overcame that obstacle Battle Oats started to flourish.

      Wholesome and Gluten Free

      With Battle Oats we aimed to create a tasty wholesome gluten free protein-packed snack bar that not only stood tall nutritionally but tasted AWESOME too!

      It’s a combination of 100% natural and great tasting ingredients that provides you with a high protein and energy snack for any occasion. Whether you’re blazing a new trail, tackling an intimidating rock face, or ascending from base camp – Battle Oats are there to sustain energy levels and provide sufficient protein for efficient recovery.

      What we are NOT

      Battle Oats are NOT one of those super high protein bars you see on the high-street shelves that are extruded through a high pressure machine (think how sausages are manufactured), or filled with gelatin to bump up the protein content, nor do they contain any nasty E-numbers.

      Battle Oats are about combining tasty wholesome 100% natural ingredients and fitting them into a compact 70g bar for on the go consumption.Each bar is oven baked with love and care within the UK to strict gluten free guidelines so they taste just like a traditional flapjack does, but healthier!

      People from a variety of backgrounds have embraced the bars for their all natural goodness from dedicated crossfitters, climbers, ultra marathoners, mud runners to first responders and armed forces personnel. Battle Oats fit the nutritional demands of any elite level athlete or fitness enthusiast.