Battle Oats: Priming, Fuelling and Recovery

    Whatever vigorous exercise you're pursuing, nutrition is often an afterthought. However, for those looking for optimum performance, a little forethought and planning about when and how to consume protein and carbohydrates, can make a significant difference to short and long term performance. The three stages of nutrition for outdoor exercise enthusiasts are priming, fuelling and recovery, which have different aims and requirements. The below piece is written for climbers, but can be applied to any difficult long rigorous activity.

    So, far from being an after thought, nutrition for rock climbers deserves to be an integral part of the overall strategy. From a purely safety point of view, it makes sense to carry some form of nutrition on a climb, if only to guard against going beyond your physical reserves. Careful planning of the priming, fuelling and recovery stages brings about an increase in energy, focus and stamina for future challenges. So next time you’re planning a climbing day don’t forget your Battle Oats!